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New POWER CUSHION 65 Z 2: The Shoe of Choice for the World’s Top Badminton Players* Just Got Better!

16 July 2019

Yonex Co., Ltd. is proud to announce the POWER CUSHION 65 Z 2, the next evolution of the incredibly popular 65 series all-round badminton shoe. Featuring Double Russel Mesh in the toe and a ventilation hole in the sole for the enhanced comfort and breathability, as well the latest in POWER CUSHION+ technology for shock absorption and resilience, and an all-new seamless upper designed to reduce stress on players’ feet, POWER CUSHION 65 Z 2 allows athletes to play with both speed and comfort, launching worldwide at the end of August 2019.

The POWER CUSHION 65 series is currently worn by 13 of the world’s top 20* men’s singles players, including World No. 1 Kento Momota. Since the series was first launched in 2000, it has become extremely popular amongst professional and amateur players alike.

In addition to the new Double Russel Mesh and ventilation holes, included in the toe and sole, respectively, which make the 65 Z 2 more breathable and comfortable, a new seamless upper design has been adopted. This serves to cover the player’s feet with one continuous piece of material, eliminating seams which add weight and can place pressure on joints, resulting in a stress-free, flexible fit.

The heel of the shoe includes Yonex’s POWER CUSHION+ material, which can famously bounce an egg dropped from a height of 12 meters back to a height of 6 meters, without breaking. Additionally, POWER GRAPHITE LITE (should this be Power Graphite Lite?) runs in the sole (is this correct?), adding reliable stability.

Through its combination of comfort, lightness and stability, it’s easy to see why the POWER CUSHION 65 series has become the shoe of choice for the world’s best.

*Based on men’s and women’s singles Top 20 BWF ranking as of 2019/7/8


Double Russel Mesh Upper and Ventilation Hole Sole

Through the combination of added ventilation in both the top and the bottom of the shoe, full air circulation is achieved, for much more comfortable play.

Larger Seamless Upper for a more comfortable and stress-free fit

A new "seamless upper structure," covers the foot from the forefoot to the midfoot with one piece of artificial leather (highlighted in yellow), reducing weight and stress on joints (red section) for a soft and comfortable fit.


By improving shock absorption, our POWER CUSHION+ technology for faster footwork that transfroms impact into energy. A 28% increase in shock absorption and a 62% increase in repulsion when compared to the previous POWER CUSHION. 

A raw egg can be dropped from 12 meters above a POWER CUSHION+ mat, rebounding to a height of 6 meters without breaking. 

*Tested by Yonex


Product Name

65 Z 2 Men

 65 Z 2 Wide



Black/Blue, White/Orange

Marine Blue

Coral Orange


           Artificial Leather


Synthetic resin


Rubber sole


25-31cm (available in half sizes up to 30cm)

22-31cm (available in half sizes up to 30cm)

22-27cm (available in half sizes)


approx. 290g 
(26cm shoe)

approx. 300g 
(26cm shoe)

approx. 290g 
(26cm shoe)

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